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        Welcome to Changzhou Teamlong Medical Polymer Co., Ltd website! CHINESE| Tel: 0519-88671333/0519-85520888

        Dehp type PVC



        Non-dehp Series


        Product Descriptation

        NON-DEHP plasticizer has a higher biosafety than DEHP.It is widely used in Europe and the United States,Japan and South Korea market.Applications include the blood transfusion (liquid) equipment,blood purification products,respiratory anesthesia products.It is a better alternative to raditional DEHP products.


        We offer different NON-DEHP plasticizers according to customer's needs:

        2.1 TOTM type

        Widely used in blood transfusion (liquid) equipment category.

        2.2 DINCH type

        Concerning on the protection of red blood cells,more suitable for blood purification products.

        2.3 DOTP type

        Better plasticization,more cost-effective.

        2.4 ATBC type,DINP type,DOA type

        Widely used in connection and suction tubes.


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