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        Welcome to Changzhou Teamlong Medical Polymer Co., Ltd website! CHINESE| Tel: 0519-88671333/0519-85520888
        About us

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        General manager office

        Company Executive Director: Yao Xiaofang,the principal founder,chairman of the board,executive director and chief executive officer,is responsible for the strategic planning,positioning and management of the Group.

        General Manager: LiuHui' e,one of the main founders of the Company,appointed by the Board of Directors as the general manager of the Company and Ms.Liu Hui' e is responsible for the day-to-day business of the Company.

        Market Center

        Domestic sales and international sales.Domestic sales department is responsible for the analysis of domestic medical polymer materials market situation and develop marketing strategies by using"one to one" customized services.

        The international trade department adopts the global localized marketing strategy.According to the dfferet global market,they use network platform for marketing; and participate in domestic and foreign well-known medical equipment trade fairs,display the characteristics of products and superior performance,to listen to customer needs and recommendations.

        Technical Quality Control Center

        We have a vibrant and high-quality technical team,university or higher technical staff accounted for 100%,young R & .D team for the development of new products to provide a steady stream of vitality and power.The project focuses on the development and application of environment-friendly and precision medical new materials,with Non-phthalic type medical PVC,and gradually extended to non-PVC medical materials.

        Leaders in the team is the member of the current China Medical Device Industry Association Standard Committee,participated in drafting of medical PVC industry standards and national standards for many times.

        Production Management Department

        The company's production department is responsible for daily production management and safety management,collaboration with the sales department to arrange the production plan and control the production process.

        Adinstrtion And Prsonne Depatment

        The administrative and personnel office is responsible for the company's document management,logistics,corporate culture construction,and the company's human resources planning,staff recruitment and deployment,training and development,performance appraisal.

        Financial Center

        The financial department shall be responsible for the raising,use and distribution of the funds of the company.Under the guidance of the annual financial budget plan and setlement plan of the company formulated by the executive director,the financial department shall determine the financial plan and fund structure,and the daily accounting work Management and tax administration.

        Purchasing Department is responsible for raw material procurement,price parity,feedback on the material usage and long-term maintenance of the supply chain.

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